Fees and Billing

Billing is one of the most difficult issues in the lawyer/client relationship. We choose to make it easy. Our firm is designed to provide quality work at a reasonable cost. We keep our overhead low, without sacrificing the things we need to serve you well. Our goal is to keep our fees reasonable and fair at all times.

Depending on your matter, we may offer hourly billing or a fixed rate. If we can offer a fixed rate, you will know the entire cost of your matter at the onset with no surprises or extra charges. Not all matters can be billed at a fixed rate (especially matters where it’s hard to estimate the time and effort entailed), but we will always do our best to make our billing reasonable and transparent.

We bill monthly and render detailed invoices via email. Because we use a computerized billing system, we can bill even more frequently. We provide a link to pay by charge card. Our invoices are carefully reviewed, and carefully edited to be fair when we render them. Legal fees are not easy, but we do our best.

We avoid waste in our own operations, and carefully choose our matters, in order to be able to charge our clients less than is typical on hourly matters.

Although cost is only one aspect of the relationship, we understand it’s importance and respect the trust you place in us by billing reasonably and fairly.